Being in charge of the employee holiday gifts can give a person new respect for Santa. How can a single person — albeit a magical one — find presents for everyone on time?  

The obvious answer? He has helpers.  

The good news is, so do you! The Point B elves put together the following list of unique employee gifts to get you started. Plus, they’ve also included tips for making the process easier for you. Read on to learn more.


Top Personalized Corporate Gifts for Employees

Sure, Santa’s list is long, but so is the list of gifts that can be personalized for employees. After all, pretty much anything can be etched, stitched or printed with your company’s name. 

 But with the holidays fast approaching, you probably won’t have time to check all the promo catalogs twice (or even once). So, to help out, we’re sharing personalized gift options that we’re particularly excited about this year.


Blanket for the Car or Office

This time of year, the weather can get pretty chilly. You can help your employees stay warm with a personalized fleece blanket they can use when cuddling up to a keyboard or taking in their favorite shows. 

 Another nifty option is a travel blanket to keep in the car in case of emergencies. We’re especially fond of travel blankets that zip into an attached, waterproof bag. That way, the blanket will stay clean when your employee throws it in the trunk. But even if your employees don’t have car problems (fingers crossed) in these cold winter months, the blanket will undoubtedly still get used. It’s great for impromptu picnics when the grass is wet.


Personalized Ember Mug

Imagine if your coffee was always the same temperature — from the first sip to the last. The Ember Temperature Control Mug is a hot gift for employees that keeps liquids warm for one and a half hours on a single battery charge. And when the mug is empty, it automatically shuts off. Plus, it’s easy to control the temperature of your drink using the Ember mobile app. An alternative for employees on the go is the new Ember Travel Mug.


Custom Chocolates and Snacks

It’s probably a universal truth that people like snacks and gourmet chocolate. Personalizing them for your company can make them unique and special. How about: 

  • Cupcakes coated with your company logo?
  • Sharp cheddar popcorn in a custom tin?
  • Chocolates shaped like your best-selling product?

There are lots of ways you can make opening the tastiest holiday gifts a personalized experience. If you’re looking for ideas, contact us. We’re always happy to talk about food.


Cool Tech Gifts for Employees

These days, the average US household has 25 connected devices. And, guess what? We’re always looking for accessories to keep our devices charged, connected, and useful. Here are some of our favorite tech choices this year:


Wireless Charging Station

Our devices are never far from us, but we’re not always great at keeping them charged. That’s why wireless chargers are always great gifts for employees. The good news for you is that there is a range of products at different price points. There are stunning styles covered in leather, options that charge multiple devices at once, and ones that look like cups.


Bluetooth Speakers

Whether it’s music, podcasts or the weather, everyone likes to listen to something. That’s why a Bluetooth speaker is an excellent employee gift. Remember, you don’t have to stick with sleek, black rectangles. There are versions in a spectrum of colors, wood, leather, and metal. And if you really want to be creative, there are different shapes too — circles, squares, ovals, and pig-shaped (seriously), to name just a few.


Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker Fobs

It seems like losing things is part of the human experience. The solution? Bluetooth trackers fobs that make it easy to locate what’s missing. Your employees can attach the fobs to their phone, keys, bags and much more. Then, using an app, you can find items that are close or far away.


Branded Gifts for Remote Workers

The pandemic has changed how people work, and many companies now have a hybrid workforce that works at home at least part of the time. Here are some suggestions for remote employee gifts that make work easier and build a sense of belonging.


Earbuds or Headphones

This is a pretty obvious choice. After all, remote employees tend to spend a lot of time in virtual meetings. There are lots of options across price ranges, from earbuds to over-the-ear headphones.


A Desktop Diffuser

The right scent can increase focus and happiness. One bonus is that since there aren’t any coworkers in the home office, there won’t be complaints about competing fragrances.


A Mobile Desk Organizer

Many remote employees don’t have dedicated workspaces. Instead, their workspace is often the breakfast space, the junk drop off, and homework central. A mobile desk organizer is a valuable gift because it allows employees to pack away work stuff when they’re off the clock.


Notebooks and Pens

You know how it is. The best pens and notebooks always go missing at home. Then, you’re stuck using the leaky pen that came from the dollar store. You can save your employees from sticky fingers by giving them awesome pens and notebooks personalized with your corporate logo.


Custom Holiday Gift Basket Ideas for Employees

Holiday gifts are a superb opportunity to have some fun and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for your employees. Working with you, we can put together a unique employee gift package that looks absolutely stunning. One popular approach is to fill a basket, crate, bucket, or box with items related to a specific theme. For example: 

  • The lumberjack lifestyle. Include a flannel shirt branded with your logo, pancake mix, a mini-tool set, and a how-to-guide on throwing axes — and package it up in a wooden crate. 
  • Power-up. If you’re giving employees a tech gift like a wireless charging station, you could go all-in on a video game aesthetic. There are tons of candies based on old-school video games like Pac-Man, Frogger, and Super Mario Bros. Then, if we pack everything together in a box that looks like a video controller, you’ve achieved the next level of fun. 
  • Tropical treats. Many people had to put off vacation because of the pandemic. So why not fashion your employee holiday gift to be a vacation in a box? Possible things to include are chocolate-dipped macadamia nuts, a branded beach towel, a scented candle, a cocktail glass and recipe for a tropical cocktail, a bag of sand, and a pre-stamped postcard.

There are about a billion different themes, collections of products, and ways to put them together. Contact us if you’d like to brainstorm on gift baskets for office staff.


Overwhelmed? Why Not Leave the Shopping to Your Employees?

Choosing employee gifts can be tricky. Maybe you’re struggling to find the one thing that everyone will like. Perhaps you’re looking at the clock and wondering how you’ll possibly get employee gifts selected and shipped on time? A jolly good option is letting employees pick out their own presents.  

Here’s how it works: 

  1. You set a budget for each employee.
  2. Point B sets up a branded holiday store that allows employees to select items within the price range.
  3. Each employee receives a special code. 
  4. Employees log into the store where they choose their gift(s).
  5. We ship the presents out.
  6. Your employee receives the goodies.
  7. You receive the credit for getting them exactly what they wanted. 

Of course, the holidays are fast approaching. So, if you’re hoping to have presents for your employees before the new year, contact us about setting up an employee store. We’ll get our elves working on it right away.


Sending Holiday Greetings (and Presents to Employees’ Houses)

As the saying goes, “presentation is everything.” And this certainly holds true for corporate holiday gifts. But if wrapping up hundreds of presents doesn’t sound like a merry and bright night, we can be your happy little helpers. 

We promise that we’ll do a job that will make Santa proud. And, if you need someone to deliver the presents to your employees’ houses, we can help with that too. We have a direct line to a sleigh that offers nice shipping discounts.


Let Us Be Your Little Helpers this Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching. If finding gifts for your employees is still on your to-do list, we can help you find great gifts for employees and deliver them to your stellar team.

Are you ready to get started?