An internal website, often referred to as an intranet, is a powerful way to facilitate communication, collaboration and connectivity among your workers. It’s an effective way to organize company information and provide easy access to materials to facilitate common business needs while boosting employee engagement.

Internal websites are private networks that can only be accessed by an organization’s employees, usually by using a login credential and password. It’s in contrast to an internet site which is accessible to all visitors.

The intranet includes information that is useful to those within the organization. It usually includes information that is not intended to be viewed by anyone other than employees.

Material on an internal website may include documents, databases, training materials, schedules and proprietary information.

Benefits of an Internal Website

Internal websites have considerable benefits to the organization. Among the advantages:

Internal Communication

An intranet helps to share critical information with all employees with access. By having a clearly organized space where staff can find announcements, policies, news and other details, you can ensure that they are informed and clear about vital information. It also allows employees to access that information when they need it.


Access to key documents on an internal website helps employees get work done more quickly. There are not delays in waiting for access or an email response with key information when employees can access information themselves.


With access to shared documents on an intranet, employees can work together more easily and with shared comments, content and progress.


Many organizations deploy content targeting to identify and deliver the information that different groups of employees need. By understanding the unique needs, goals and skills for disparate employee groups, the internal website can be an effective way to deliver content that’s most relevant and timely.

Remote Support

Increasingly today, employees are working hybrid or fully remote. That means employees need ready and secure access to information at any time from anywhere on multiple device types. Understanding the needs of mobile workers and delivering content that’s applicable helps keep remote workers connected to the work itself, colleagues and the organization.

Recognition and Rewards

An intranet site is a great place to facilitate recognition for employees and rewards for great work. An internal website lets you facilitate peer-to-peer kudos, announce transfers and promotions and celebrate excellent work by individuals or teams.


Onboarding is an important start to an employee’s career. There are often many details, policies, procedures and documents provided during onboarding. By having all those materials in one place, employees can follow along during orientation sessions and go back to review information when needed.

Enhance Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is an important concept in organizations today. It refers to how connected employees feel to the organization and its mission and their coworkers.

Positive employee engagement is a sign of a healthy organization and helps with retention and recruitment. An internal website helps employees stay connected to each other and the organization and can have a major impact on employee engagement.

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