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Our Leadership Team

Joe Avery

& Owner

Robb Zavitz

Vice President of Sales

Doug Haefele

Vice President of Technology

Jeff Pietrzak

Vice President of

Ron Cole

Vice President of Operations

Laura Nelson

Director of Customer Service

Chris Greuling

Director of
Software Development

Dan Nelson

Director of

Jerry Thomson

Director of Purchasing  & Inventory

about point b solutions team

Jeff Baker

Business Development

about point b solutions team

Ann Dugan

Business Development 

Brian Baker

Business Development

Joel Thomson

Business Development

Jennifer Zavitz

Business Development

Nayelli Salinas

Business Development

Shannon Carbone

Business Development

Yeng Keopraseuth

Human Resources

An investment in people.

While 21st century technology can help modernize the way we do business, it’s the commitment of the employees who make Point B the stand-out business in the industry.

Our staff has an average of 12 to 13 years of experience. Our outstanding fulfillment professionals are dedicated to accuracy and timeliness — treating the smallest job the same as the most complicated, multi-layered assignment. You know it when you walk through our doors and feel it every time a project is complete.


A professional touch.

With our great team, Point B offers comprehensive professional services. We streamline your processes and reduce the stress associated with deadlines and details. Finally, there is a company that is as professional as you, that you are proud to work with, and makes your decisions look smart. We make a point to keep organization, order, and efficiency part of our everyday.