3PL ecommerce

3PL Ecommerce Fulfillment Services.

Looking for online fulfillment?

Look no further. Now that you’ve found Point B Solutions, your search for fulfillment companies has ended. While other order fulfillment services may focus only on inventory storage and what is picked packed and shipped, we focus on the entire kit and caboodle. Shipping orders and managing your inventory is streamlined with our ecommerce platforms. Our 3PL ecommerce services provide Shopify integration along with many other intelligent solutions such as Magento. Consequently, your products land into your customer’s hands seamlessly and quickly. We’ve created digital storefronts and have provided ecommerce integration for a wide variety of clients, including large retailers, corporations, restaurants, and those in need of apparel fulfillment services, just to name a few.

We bring clarity to the rapidly expanding digital marketplace by helping you find platforms that will fit your needs.  Specialized systems simplify online ordering and inventory management. Custom websites and online stores highlight your individual products.  Our websites are EDI capable and API integrated. Whatever your need is for online fulfillment services, we’ll get you connected.

In addition to providing seamless integration, our multi-channel networks translate into customizable, easy to use, secure sites.  Friendly customer service reps assist your customers while providing up-to-the-minute online inventory management, keeping you in the loop.

Whether your inventory is small or large our scalable systems and Point B warehouse adapt to best suit your needs. Online ordering has never been easier. Business owners know the importance of accuracy, reliability, and speed. We’ll connect your supply with demand while bringing clarity, so you can focus on building your business and profits.


Ecommerce Integration.

Our head is in the clouds.

The multitude of cloud-based ecommerce services and choices can leave your head swimming. With ecommerce integration, you can leave the building to us. Pre-wired connections with our EDI partnerships allow for a more accurate supply chain while reducing inventory. Our web-based inventory management is intelligent and streamlined.

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Our integrated and reliable systems will connect to your platform of choice including Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Big Commerce, SC Cart, Hubsoft, Ultra Cart, Volusion & Zoovy.


Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) is necessary for your business to stay competitive. TrueCommerce and SPS Commerce gives your company new levels of reliable connectivity.