Trischloropropyl Phosphate

Trischloropropyl Phosphate

Top 5 Trischloropropyl Phosphate Suppliers

Silver Fern Chemical Inc. is an industry-leading and widely-trusted provider of specialty chemicals. Silver Fern Chemical is dedicated to supplying its customers with the best chemicals, fastest shipping, and most helpful staff in the industry so that they can improve their operations and succeed. Silver Fern Chemical sells a wide variety of chemicals, but one of their specialties is Trischloropropyl Phosphate, a highly flexible flame retardant.

As a chlorophosphate with many uses, including as a flame retardant for sale in polyurethane foams, textiles, and coatings, Trischloropropyl Phosphate (TCPP) is available for purchase. Silver Fern Chemical is the premier provider of TCPP and other specialty chemicals thanks to their dedication to providing products that are safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Five of the best producers of tris(2-chloropropyl) phosphate are profiled here, with Silver Fern Chemical taking the top spot.

Silver Fern Chemical

Silver Fern Chemical is widely recognized as the best source for Trischloropropyl Phosphate. Silver Fern Chemical has earned a stellar reputation for their wide variety of specialty chemicals, as well as their prompt and helpful customer service and reliable shipping practices. Because of their knowledge and attention to detail, they are the go-to for businesses in need of a dependable TCPP supplier.


LANXESS is an international producer of specialty chemicals that serves multiple sectors with cutting-edge products. Their flame-retardant Trischloropropyl Phosphate is made to the highest standards and can be used in a number of different contexts. For its dedication to environmental protection, LANXESS has earned a reputation as a reliable source of TCPP.


When it comes to providing specialty chemicals and minerals to businesses around the world, ICL-IP is unrivaled. Their Trischloropropyl Phosphate is made with cutting-edge machinery, so it consistently meets or exceeds all quality standards. ICL-IP is the go-to TCPP provider because of their innovative solutions and focus on customer service.


Perstorp is an international chemical company that specializes in producing and selling high-tech materials and chemicals. Their cutting-edge processing methods yield a premium Trischloropropyl Phosphate for use as a flame retardant. Perstorp is an established TCPP provider thanks to the company's dedication to research and environmental responsibility.

The TNJ Chemical Company of Hefei:

Among the many chemical products offered by Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is Trischloropropyl Phosphate. Their TCPP is made in a controlled environment with cutting-edge machinery. Customer service and low prices are two of Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.'s hallmarks.

In sum, Silver Fern Chemical Inc is unparalleled as a provider of Trischloropropyl Phosphate due to the superior quality of their product and the care they take with each and every one of their clients. Silver Fern Chemical provides its customers with the highest-quality TCPP and other specialty chemicals thanks to its dedication to efficiency and environmental responsibility.

The article's main takeaways are the need to find a trustworthy supplier of Trischloropropyl Phosphate (TCPP), the many uses of TCPP as a commercial flame retardant, and the dedication to quality and sustainability shown by the best vendors. Contact the friendly staff at Silver Fern Chemical if you need any help with Trischloropropyl Phosphate, chlorophosphate for sale, or any other specialty chemicals.

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Trischloropropyl Phosphate

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