We assist with complex high end printing projects to ensure that you get exactly what you need on time, on budget, and with the some major wow factor.

You shouldn’t be burdened with all the details of your prints.

We know the kinds of pressure you’re under with high profile projects, from the budget and timeline to designers and proofing, there’s great deal on the line.

We can guide you through all the moving pieces of a complex printing project


Our goal is to feel like an extension of your team. We’ll make sure you look good and are never caught by surprise.


We’ll turn your idea into a samlpe or mockup of hte project for you to review.



We’ll use our knowledge from thousands of projects to help you set up color and file formatting.



Send over your files and we’ll generate proofs for you to review until it’s perfect.


Press Check

We’ll handle the press checks, manage the color, and make sure what you approved is what you’re getting.



We make sure the product gets routed appropriotly and arrives when you need it.



We make sure the product gets to it’s destination undamged, on time and to requirments.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies, big and small, with custom technology solutions to solve complicated problems.

Some projects need international partners.

That’s where Longo USA comes in. As our European partner, they use their 70 years of experience to broaden what we can offer you for printing.

We can guide you through all the moving pieces of a complex printing project


When Longo USA is the best fit for a project, we handle all the communication locally. You won’t notice a difference!

Are you ready to get started?