The Next Dimension in Successful Direct Mail

Print mail is making a resurgence. With the saturation of marketing emails and nurturing campaigns within the market, many companies are integrating direct mail into their marketing campaigns to cut through the clutter.

People like receiving packages — as supported by the superior response rates of dimensional mailings and the growing popularity of subscription boxes. 

Whether you need to reach your prospects, engage with influencers, or develop a subscription box that delights recipients, we’ll work with you to create mailings that engage prospects and deliver a high ROI. 

Dimensional Mailers for Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

Are your marketing efforts underwhelming? Maybe your direct mail efforts just need more substance. Boxes, tubes, containers, bags, oddly shaped packages, and bulky envelopes are great ways to add depth when engaging with prospects and customers.

It’s working; average direct mail response rates are nine percent for house lists. Dimensional direct mailers take effectiveness to the next level, with up to 30 percent response rates. Another proven way to boost response rates? Include an intriguing call to action, such as a fun online contest or game.


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Mailings to Influence the Influencers 

The importance of influencers in building mindshare in your target audience has caused many companies to pivot in their marketing tactics to include a significant investment in developing and nurturing relationships with influencers. 

A dimensional mailer or unique packaging combined with distinctive kitting can put your brand over the top, especially when vying for coveted attention from an influencer or a key opinion leader. 

Teaser Mailings for Sales Incentives 

Sustaining employee interest in a sales incentive can be a challenge. Periodic mailings that underscore the contest theme improve engagement. If you need items for the mailings, we’ll source the items you need. 

Ultimate Unboxing Experience for Subscription Boxes 

Themed subscription boxes have become big business — in one survey, 25% of respondents currently receive a subscription box with another 32% planning to subscribe in six months.

Whether you have a subscription box or are looking to start a new one, we’ll support you every step of the way: sourcing products, creating printed mailing boxes, assembly, and shipping. We can even create a website to generate interest in your subscription box.

Point B: We Have Depth

We can handle your direct mailers, whether they are self-mailers or elaborate kits that require customized mailing boxes and distinctively kitted contents. 

With our services across product sourcing, promotions, fulfillment, and technology, we’ll make the process as seamless as possible. 

Deepen engagement with prospects, customers, and other stakeholders.




Whether you’re selling to distributors, resellers, or other channel partners, we can help you establish fulfillment processes that meets your needs.


Your premier printing partner when nothing less than exceptional will do, specializing in museum-quality art books, packaging design, corporate materials, and more!



From branded promotions to employee awards, our vast network of suppliers hook you up with in-demand swag and hard to find items perfect for your occasion.



We pride ourselves on our bespoke kitting and assembly services, and are proactive in bringing the latest industry trends to our customers.



We provide a solution with the highest quality and a quick turn-around process, allowing you to get your products out to the consumer faster.



We develop custom solutions that drive measurable improvements in customer engagement and operational efficiency — at a cost you can justify.

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