Engaging With Employees Through Online Company Stores

Employee engagement is huge. When employees are all-in on your company, the result is boosted employee retention, productivity, and happiness. Even better, improved company culture extends to the satisfaction of external customers. 

A company store is a perk that can improve employee engagement through discounts on company merchandise and access to branded gear. An employee store can also be used to support your employee recognition strategy. 

Employee Storefronts Make It Easy 

If you’ve ever tried to manually manage the process of ordering and distributing items such as apparel to employees, you know what a hassle it can be. Too many forms. So much complaining about the cut and color of a particular shirt. Endless people asking if they can get the same tumbler as the sales guy.

We can relieve you of this burden. With a company store, there’s no need for order forms, or manually collecting money and sizing information. You just need to select the items you want to include, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll set up the pricing in a way that makes the most sense to you. Perhaps you want to allocate some employees a budget for apparel on a quarterly or a new-hire basis. No problem. Maybe you want to allow employees to purchase at cost. We can do that too. 


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Items for Online Corporate Stores

There’s virtually no limit to the type and quantity of items that you can include in your store. Popular items in company stores are company-branded merchandise such as apparel, coffee mugs, and desk accessories. The store can also be an excellent way to provide employees access to your retail products at discount. Your store can also be a place for salespeople to order literature or promotional items to share with customers. 

Using Your Store for Employee Recognition and Gifts

As companies fight to hire and retain top talent, recognition can make all the difference. Your employee store can be set up to support your employee recognition program. Some opportunities include redeeming earned “points” for company swag and exclusive selection of employee gifts for people celebrating work milestones or anniversaries. 

Point B Solution: You’re In Good Company 

Interested in an employee store that improves employee engagement — and the efficiency of your employee swag and recognition program? We can help. Beyond designing your perfect employee store, we can also source branded merchandise and other items, and manage your inventory and ship from our offsite fulfillment warehouse. 

If you’re looking for additional ways to engage your employees, we can help with that too. We create and manage sales incentives programs and support corporate initiatives with custom kits. 

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