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Fulfilling customer orders accurately and quickly has become the new norm. More important, an effective order fulfillment process is a competitive advantage that can help a business grow. Whether you’re selling to wholesale distributors, to resellers, through Amazon, or other channel partners, we can help you establish fulfillment processes that meet your needs today — and give you the flexibility to handle changing customer needs over time.

We adhere to best practices in third-party logistics and can help you improve the all-important customer experience that’s so vital in today’s challenging and competitive market. Here are just a few cases where Point B Solutions can help move your business forward.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Using our flexible fulfillment services built to your unique requirements reduces your operating expenses. It eliminates the costs associated with a warehouse or a storage unit and the staff that goes along with it. Turning your order fulfillment over to Point B Solutions removes or substantially reduces those expenses.

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Reduce Capital Expenses

As you grow, we can help you avoid capital costs for the new warehousing, phone, communication, and internet technologies required to build out an in-house facility. Point B Solutions already has that under control. We invite you to tap into the many resources we already have in place.

You Can Focus on Your Core Competencies Since We Pick, Pack, and Deliver on Ours

If you were to list your company’s key competencies, they likely don’t include fulfillment, transportation, or logistics. Those are our competencies. You are more likely focused on your ability to design and manufacture products that attract customers and solve their problems. Using our services lets you dedicate your resources to what you do best while leaving us, your order fulfillment partners, to handle delivery to your customers.


Point B: “Smoother Inventory Management” to Meet Seasonal Demand

Many companies have found that hiring extra employees to handle order fulfillment during periods of high seasonal demand isn’t a viable solution. Onboarding resources, then training them to accurately pick, package, and deliver — only to discharge them weeks later — is a costly and inefficient way to conduct business. Working with Point B Solutions allows you to adjust to the seasonal demands of order fulfillment.

Whether you’re looking for B2B order fulfillment, e-commerce fulfillment, or both, Point B Solutions will make it all work seamlessly. With our help, you can stay focused on what matters most — your customers, your products, and your business — while we stay up to date on cloud-based inventory management solutions, new ways to automate shipping services, and the latest tools for data analysis. Contact us to discuss your needs.




Whether you’re selling to distributors, resellers, or other channel partners, we can help you establish fulfillment processes that meets your needs.


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