Get Big Results with Your Large Format Printing

Beautiful banners to direct traffic at outdoor events. Point of purchase signage that improves sales. Backlit graphics that compel prospects to stop at your tradeshow booth. There are so many powerful applications for large format graphics. Are you ready to make a big impact? 

Huge on Flexibility

There’s a reason why people say “Think Big.” Sometimes you just need a larger canvas for your thoughts — or marketing activities. 

At 63” with virtually endless length, large format printing can provide all the space on a wide array of materials. There’s canvas, of course, but also self-adhesive vinyl, films, papers, wall coverings, canvas, synthetics, fabrics, and mesh.

Large format printing can also be useful for the little things, especially if you want a lot of them. One popular application is printing large volumes of logo stickers or vinyl decals to use as a gift with purchase. How can we assist you with your next big project?


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Large Format that’s Part of the Bigger Picture 

Large format rarely stands on its own — and not just in the physical sense. Environmental displays and point of purchase draw people in but often are only one piece in a larger initiative. Maybe there’s a brochure to look at, an app to engage with, or promotions to hand out. Point B supports your needs across various services such as fulfillment, technology, printing, and promotions. Whatever your large format needs are, we can help with a solution that makes an impact. A few examples of how we can help:  

large format

For Restaurants

Produce oversized signage for a promotion, source branded glasses, and create unique employee uniforms


For Corporations

Create window clings and stickers for a corporate wellness campaign plus a custom wellness kit for employees


For Banking and Finance

 Design vibrant onboarding marketing corporate collateral to distribute to new employees and team members


For Retail

Create point of sale signage, counter displays, or other in-store sign materials to attract consumers’ eyes

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