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Do you want to get your customers’ attention? Direct mail campaigns are an excellent way to cut through the clutter. In the last five years, customer response rates for direct mail have risen nearly 40%, while prospect response rates have reported an astounding 190% increase, according to the Data and Marketing Association.

The groundwork for achieving high response rates starts in the design process and continues all the way into the mailroom. Point B can help no matter the size of the mailing, what you’re trying to accomplish, or the scope of your project. 

Optimizing Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail starts with your goals. Perhaps you need to attract attention when launching a new product. Maybe you’d like to send a highly personal mailing to re-engage prospects. Or it could be that you need to send a mass mailing to all your stakeholders with important company information. 

There are optimal ways to design mailings to accomplish each of these goals. With your objectives as a guide, we’ll help ensure that your mailing delivers, regardless if your goal is improved ROI, new leads, or simple customer delight. 


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Is it Time to Get Personal?

Opportunities for personalization have come a long way. Variable text and images allow unique customization of each mailing piece. Variable printing also provides opportunities for A/B testing so you can identify which design and offers yield the best response rates. We’ll help you determine what level of customization is right for your project and budget. Our data management services are backed by SOCII Type 2 Certification.

Better Data for Better Results

Clean data can be a boon to business in so many ways. Fewer returned pieces of mail means less wasted money on postage. Using a standard address format with a ZIP+4 can reduce delivery time by as much two days. Plus, mailings appropriately addressed to the person at the right address are more likely to get a second look.

Point B: An All-in-One Solution for Your Direct Mail Campaigns

The impact of direct mail continues to grow. Point B helps optimize results for stand-alone print mailings and elaborate multichannel campaigns. And if you’re looking for more ways to forge a deeper customer connection, our custom kitting and fulfillment provide even more personalization options, including hand-signed notes and custom packing. There is a lot of room for creativity, even if you need to keep your postage costs in line, but things like shape, mailer ratio, and thickness can result in added charges. We’ll work with you to ensure that your mailing is designed, printed, and packaged for performance.




Whether you’re selling to distributors, resellers, or other channel partners, we can help you establish fulfillment processes that meets your needs.


Your premier printing partner when nothing less than exceptional will do, specializing in museum-quality art books, packaging design, corporate materials, and more!



From branded promotions to employee awards, our vast network of suppliers hook you up with in-demand swag and hard to find items perfect for your occasion.



We pride ourselves on our bespoke kitting and assembly services, and are proactive in bringing the latest industry trends to our customers.



We provide a solution with the highest quality and a quick turn-around process, allowing you to get your products out to the consumer faster.



We develop custom solutions that drive measurable improvements in customer engagement and operational efficiency — at a cost you can justify.

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