Custom Software Solutions for Unique Business Challenges

Ever think about throwing your computer or phone across the room? Are you frustrated by the lack of customization and options available to you? You may have just experienced the limitations of off-the-shelf software. 

You shouldn’t have to settle for limited options, a complicated workflow, or disconnected systems. A unique software solution can be designed to overcome your pain points and deliver superior outcomes — at a cost that you can justify. 

Advantages of a custom solution include ease of integration, room to grow, enhanced security, streamlined performance, and responsive support throughout the life of the product. 

Our Personalized Approach to Software Development

At Point B, we’re focused on delivering exactly the right solution that meets your needs. We create custom software to optimize internal operations as well as B2B and B2C solutions that optimize the customer experience. We stay on top of the latest and greatest in both technology trends and data privacy regulations. So, you can be confident that your software will look good, run great, and be in compliance with critical regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act.  


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How We Help You Find Success with Custom Software


It all starts with an idea.  Our team of software development experts will meet with you to understand project objectives and success factors. We’ll craft your requirements and deliver a statement of work that clearly identifies the project scope.


During the design phase or the project, you’ll meet with our UX/UI experts to create designs that match your individual customer journeys for your software. We’ll create prototypes and design the functionality that your application needs to deliver.


We’ll deliver your requirements using agile development methodologies in predefined sprints which will give us another chance to review requirements, tweak designs, and test in iterative fashion to ensure a quality end product.


Upon completion of development and testing, we’ll continue to support your solution with ongoing support agreements, hosting, and future product releases.  Know that our support doesn’t end when the programming stops. 

How We Help Streamline Internal Efficiencies

  • Inventory management

  • Employee performance tracking

  • eLearning systems

  • Employee storefronts

  • Specialized dashboards
  • Sales solutions tools
  • Field service tools
  • Collaboration system

How We Help Optimize the Customer Experience

  • Incentive and Loyalty platforms

  • Shopping applications

  • Gamification software

  • Payment systems

  • Order management system
  • Customer portals

Web App Development vs. Mobile App Development

Do you want your website to do something special? Are you looking for a cloud-based collaborative system? Do you want an app that works on phones? Are you wondering if you need a web app or a mobile app? 

We’ll make your dream app a reality — and recommend the development environment that makes the most sense. We’ve helped hundreds of companies, big and small, with the development of apps to run on websites and mobile devices. Our focus is always providing a solution that optimally meets the customer’s needs right now — but with an eye to what will work as technology continues to advance.

Given the amazing advances in technology, most apps for mobile devices can be developed as mobile-first web apps, which can be significantly more cost-effective in the long-term and provide more flexibility to adapt to new technology.

Point B: Developing Success 

Whatever your needs are for custom software, we can help. Contact us to discuss how a bespoke software solution could help your business achieve more and make stronger connections with your customers.




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We develop custom solutions that drive measurable improvements in customer engagement and operational efficiency — at a cost you can justify.

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