We Integrate for your Success

Imagine if your eCommerce site was seamlessly integrated into your accounting software. Think of how nice it would be if data from your mobile app automatically flowed into Salesforce. Consider the feeling of being successfully set up to sell on Amazon or traditional retail stores.

If business growth is your goal, your systems need to play nice with others. Secure data transfer requires electronic data interchange (EDI) integration. For Improved efficiencies and customer experience, your systems need to be connected with API integrations.

API Integrations Connect You to Greater Opportunities

An API is a software intermediary designed to act as a messenger and facilitates communication between applications. Using an API to connect systems can streamline processes and create a more unified customer experience — and a lot less work for your internal team.

Whatever your needs are, Point B can help integrate your systems for the greatest success.

Expand Your Options with Automated EDI Integration 

Electronic data interchange (EDI) integration has become a common business requirement for operating online — especially in eCommerce. And it’s no wonder; EDI transforms how you interact with your trading partner network. You can eliminate manual order processing, quickly and accurately process electronic information, and improve data quality. 

If you know you want to implement EDI, but you aren’t sure where to start, we can help. And, we’ll make it easy for you. Our EDI integration tools are fully automated and designed to manage the whole process from translation to upload. Our system can work with all ERP systems, eCommerce platforms, flat files, mapped XML, or virtually any other data set. While the integration process is fully automated, the Point B team rigorously monitors the systems, using secure communication methods such as AS2 and VAN connection to ensure that secure data stays secure. 

Using eCommerce APIs to Fuel Your Growth

Whether you’re looking to add just one more eCommerce channel or are ready to take the internet by storm, we can manage the API integrations. And, if you’re looking for recommendations, we have those too. 

Integrations give Walman Optical a Clear Vision of Success

Walman Optical is committed to providing its customers, eye care professionals, with timely access to continuing education, product information, and upcoming events. When they came to us, they were managing GoToWebinar, AbsorbLMS, and a website as separate properties. While operating these systems was time-consuming, the bigger issue was the customer experience. Eye professionals needed to remember multiple sites with differing login credentials. 

Using API integration and custom software, we created a seamless customer experience that provided Walman Optical a more holistic view of their customer — and eliminated redundant work..

Point B: We Integrate for your Success

Whether you’re looking to simplify your systems, create a unified customer experience, or take the next step towards internet domination, we can help.




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