Innovative Programs to Increase Customer Engagement

It’s never been more important to create a differentiated experience for customers and employees. Loyalty programs and contest giveaways are a way to do that. 


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for customer engagement — not when people are motivated in a million different ways, and businesses have a million different objectives for their programs. Here, at Point B, we design customer engagement programs as unique as your audience needs and that deliver the results your business wants.  



Personalized, Relevant Content

Each participant sees only relevant content to their role and sales relationship.  Our triggered email communications are highly targeted to the individual and their team.


Tutorials and Video Training

With less time spent reading detailed product training manuals, using short video’s with related quizzes to reinforce learning.  We tie rewards that resonate for completed learning modules.


Instant Win Games & Sweepstakes

While long term programs can become stale, we build interactive games and promotions to maintain engagement and excitement.  We keept thing interesting using simple single swipe animations, digital scratch offs and fully animated custom games that match your brand.


Flexible Promotion Tool

Our promotion builder tool puts the power in the hands of our customers allowing them to reward specific behaviors.  Base points, bonus points, instant wins, and sweepstakes entries can all be used to craft time constrained promotions for a specific territory, product, bundle or upgrade.


Robust Reward Options

From merchandise and experiences to prepaid cards, you can choose from many reward options both physical and virtual.  Not each audience responds to the same thing, so flexibility is key to rewarding performance.


Interactive Dashboard Reporting

“A picture is worth one thousand words” drives our belief in graphical dashboards that summarize performance.  We always allow for an excel export for the analytical users as well.

The Best Incentive and Loyalty Programs

So what makes an incentive or loyalty program effective? First and foremost is an end goal that’s meaningful to participants — these can be incentive prizes, points, miles, cash-back, discounts, preferred customer status, or something specific to your organization.

The best incentive and loyalty programs clearly define the rules and how participants can earn rewards. Displaying the prizes can provide a visual incentive to participants. And, by including incremental rewards and in-program status levels, you can encourage healthy competition between participants.

Perhaps even more importantly, the program should be fun and provide numerous ways for participants to engage. But it’s not all about the participant, is it? Beyond creating a differentiated experience for your customer, what is it that you would like to accomplish with your program? How can the program deliver business growth?  

We’ve got you covered. We build custom sales incentives and loyalty promotions that inspire the right type of action and engagement with your company — and provide a measurable value to your company.

Sales Incentive Program Raises the Roof on Sales Rep Engagement

USG Flooring and Roofing wanted to increase sales rep engagement. Based on the company’s goals, we determined that a custom incentive program is the best option to encourage desired behaviors. 

After logging into the incentive app, sales reps earn points through activities such: completing polls and surveys, watching videos, and uploading files. The points are redeemable for merchandise. In addition to providing fun incentives, the app also offered the reps a means to track current progress to their sales goals, promoting better engagement in the USG Flooring and Roofing sales process.

Creating Online Sweepstakes and Contest Giveaways

Digital sweepstakes and contests are an interactive way of building brand awareness, engagement, emotional connection, and audience loyalty. They can also be used to generate meaningful customer insights.

These programs can be simple or complex, and prizes can be big or small. It all depends on what’s going to motivate your audience.

Whether you know what you want, or are looking for ideas, we can create an online sweepstakes or giveaway that generates the desired actions while also following all the necessary state requirements.

Point B: It’s No Contest

If you’re looking for a partner who can build programs that create a buzz with customers and employees, look no further than Point B Solutions. Our tailored solutions drive targeted audiences to the desired action, time after time.

If you need support for your entire program, we can do that too. We’ll source in-demand and incentive prizes sure to inspire action and manage the fulfillment process.

 Score a win with your incentive or loyalty program.




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We develop custom solutions that drive measurable improvements in customer engagement and operational efficiency - at a cost you can justify.

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