You’ve probably heard about digital and offset printing. Maybe you’re wondering if one is better than the other. They are similar in some regards. Both are proven ways to boost your business and your brand. Both have applications across various materials, including sales brochures, training materials, packaging, and direct mail. Both can print on fabric, folding cartons, thick cardstock, plastics, heavyweight papers, and synthetic substrates.   

So, with so many similarities, does the type of press even matter? There are good reasons to choose one type over the other. Here are six times digital printing is better than offset printing.

6 Reasons to Choose Digital Printing

Higher Quality for Lower Quantities

Your company’s printed materials are a reflection of the quality of your brand. But when you only need a handful of a brochure, flyer or a custom carton, what can you do? Digital printing can be the answer. We can print as few as 1, 20, or 50 copies of your project. So, there’s no need to try to future-proof your print project to meet the minimums associated with an offset press.  

But if you find yourself continually reordering the same brochure without changes, you may be able to save money by running a larger quantity less frequently on a digital press. While offset printing has some upfront costs, it is much more cost-effective when printing larger quantities


One-to-One Personalization

Customers are increasingly searching for a personalized customer experience. Thanks to digital printing, customer outreach can be as unique as they are. One popular application is using variable printing to boost response rates in direct mail campaigns.  

Opportunities for personalization include incorporating a customer’s name into the mailing piece or swapping photos to make them more relevant to the recipient based on location, age, or demographics. These examples of customization are only scratching the surface. Much more is possible with the correct data, and our list management services can help.


Print on Demand Capabilities

Print on demand is where you print an item after the order is placed. Possible items include books, catalogs, t-shirts, banners, training materials, and even personalized ID tags. 

 Applications for print on demand are virtually endless and include employee onboarding, customized sales proposals, and customer purchases. The price per item is higher than with bulk orders. On the plus side, your company doesn’t need to stock items, and the print job can be tailored based on the request.


Dreaming Big in Small Quantities

Digital presses range in size from 13 x 19 to 20 x 29 sheet size. While this size is plenty big for the most common printing projects, there may be times when you want to go bigger. For example, you may need point-of-purchase graphics or trade show displays. With large format digital printing, you can make a big impact with everything from easel signs to wall-size murals.


Reducing Waste

Sometimes companies print a year’s worth of brochures (or more) at a time on an offset press. This can be an excellent money-saving strategy if you rarely change your company materials. But if you’re constantly tossing large quantities of outdated brochures, it may be time to change your ordering patterns. The good news is that digital printing makes it cost-effective to run small amounts.


When You Needed Your Job Yesterday

No printing process can defy the time and space continuum, but digital printing is typically faster than offset printing for a couple reasons:  

  • No need for metal plates: Offset printing requires metal plates for the colors used on the press. In contrast, there are no plates with digital printing because the press prints directly from the electronic files. 
  • No drying time: With a digital press, there’s no drying time. In comparison, offset printing jobs can take up to 16 hours to dry, depending on the type of paper, ink coverage and coatings.


Get Real-World Results from Your Digital Printing

Digital printing provides unparalleled agility and flexibility, but there are times when offset printing is a better option. Point B Solutions offers a wide array of digital and offset printing options. So, we can help you figure out what’s best for your project and achieve the best results for your business.

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